Business Town Meeting Co-sponsor

The Cooper-Cain Group was honoured to be the co-sponsor of the recent Business Town meeting with the Somerville, mayor, his staff, and over 100 business owners on April 26. The event – in its tenth year – is presented by the Somerville Chamber of Commerce to provide a forum for city officials and the business community to interact, ask questions, and discuss the future of the city.

Infected System Notifications are Harder Than You Think

The past few years, we have seen an explosion of “infected system notification systems.”  Some of the more successful ones target the more controlled networks, where determining the actual infected device is relatively easy.  Those successes led to a call to notify every user on every network when an “infected system” was found.  But networks vary in their ability to identify a specific device.  And there is no generally-accepted definition of “infected.”  But hope is not lost, or it shouldn’t be, as the APWG operates a notification system and continually wants to improve its effectiveness and usefulness.  Or maybe we just need better definitions and expectations.  [I started this without a heavy technical bias. That changed as I added explanations to help my cause/rant.  Sorry.] Continue reading Infected System Notifications are Harder Than You Think