Security Editing

One service the Cooper-Cain Group, Inc. offers is copy editing with a security-specific focus. Our editing service is for security, investigation, and related reports. If you have investigators or researchers for whom English is a second (or third or fourth!) language, we can help! We have extensive experience with English language learners (ELL) from a variety of different regions, providing intelligence on security topics.

If you’re concerned about clarity, security-related vocabulary, or correct terminology in your report, our editors are trained security technologists with experience in both operations and engineering. We also know how to explain complex security concepts to management and c-suite executives if you need help summarizing or breaking down difficult concepts.

Many publications require writers to conform to a specific style, for instance the Chicago Manual of Style, or their own particular “house style.” This type of formatting, citing, reference, and language usage might be unfamiliar or uncomfortable for many writers as it requires extreme attention to seemingly unimportant details. We are available to bring your paper into compliance.